Innovating Network & Security Accessibility for ALL

We need to get creative to meet today’s critical demands to access across the world.

Nowadays Network & Security is a crucial things for survival & their safety like food, shelter, water etc. It means no one even take breath without Network & Security. As per WEF report. In India 68 crore people (around 50% of total) still not connected to network. Out of this 90% is in rural area. In India very less number of service providers if compared with 135 Crore population & we have already known that during lockdown many Organization & people were affected with Ransomware attacks & Malwares.

Solutions for the same is to be Awareness with implementation from top to bottom level at every step. Made a small-small private ISPs on the basis of regional level depends on population & geography to reach in the remote areas, Additional security for wireless communication like AV, firewall, IDS, IPS,web filtering techniques, traffic monitoring, restrictions on malicious sites, VPN uses & Dark web content etc.

This is way to enable innovations & to avoid lock into a single service provider. This approach generates smarter & broader market of network and security accessibility for all. Security can break, fix, make & defend worldwide critical connections and communications. To make our world in safer place the communities should be specialized in vulnerabilities, threats, risk & security managements etc. Weak securities have many harmful consequences like reputations consequences, lack of customer trust, financial & legal risk, it leads to steal your data, privacy & damage your network at high level. If we are looking forward to modern technological Era like SDN, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Automation, and virtualization etc. our foundation means Network & Security accessibility for all should be strong enough.


                                          Thanking You,

Anurag Vasant Ganvir

Chief Technology Officer of ALMA Creators Group. Expertise in Networking, Security, firewalls, BGP, MPLS, Network Designing, Network Deployment & Cybersecurity. Currently working on some big networking and integration projects specializing in complex network solution designs. Passionate about Network & Security architecture and developing secure networks around us.Outside of ALMA Creators, He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge at various conferences.


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